Wordstruck 2015

May 13-16, 2015

Lublin, Poland

Video Gallery #1 – May 13


Welcome Remarks and Introduction



Session 1


keynote lecture I: PROF. HEINZ ICKSTADT: “Transcendentalists and Cultural Nationalists: Transformations of the Natural Sublime from Thoreau and Church to the Painters and Poets of the Stieglitz Circle”



Session 2


paper 1 – DR. BRYAN J. ZYGMONT – “Charles Willson Peale, the Enlightenment, and The Great Mastodon: Identity, Science, and Art in Early Federal America”

paper 2 – DR. MAREK WILCZYNSKI – “The Americanization of the Sublime: Washington Allston and Thomas Cole as Theorists of American Art”



Session 3


keynote lecture II: DR. DERRICK CARTWRIGHT: “Ashcan Images and Anarchist Ideals: Robert Henri’s Radical Texts”



paper 3 – DR. EDYTA FRELIK: “’Calling Things by Their Right Names': Thomas Hart Benton as Raconteur”

paper 4 – DR. ZUZANA TABAČKOVÁ – “Gibran Khalil Gibran: A Writing Artist or a Drawing Writer?”



Session 4


paper 5 – DR. SARAH ARCHINO – “Image Withheld: Censorship and Avant-Garde Parody”

paper 6 – SIOFRA MCSHERRY – “‘Ever-Grateful Wonder.’ The Gift as a Model for the Artistic Community: An Interdisciplinary Exchange Between Joseph Cornell and Marianne Moore”

paper 7 – DR. RACHEL SANDERS – “Intellectual Convictions and Emotional Experience: Women Artists and Critics in The Liberator and New Masses”

paper 8 – DR. KAREN HEATH – “The Artist as Political Admirer: The Curious Tale of Andrew Wyeth and Richard Nixon” (at the request of the author the video recording of this presentation is not available for viewing)