Wordstruck 2015

May 13-16, 2015

Lublin, Poland

Video Gallery #2 – May 14


Session 5


keynote lecture III: PROF. ANDREW HEMINGWAY: “Paul Strand and Gaston Lachaise: Sculpture and Americanism in the Stieglitz Circle”



Session 6


paper 9 – RACHEL STELLA: “Harry Holtzman: The Artist as Editor/Publisher” (at the request of the author the video recording of this presentation is not available for viewing)

paper 10 – DR. JERZY KUTNIK: “Straddling the Abyss: Robert Motherwell as Reluctant Wordsmith”

paper 11 – JAMES FINCH: “Franz Kline and the Artist Interview”

paper 12 – DR. FILIP LIPIŃSKI: “Inscribed Canvases: Writing-in-Painting in American Art”


Session 7


keynote lecture IV: DR. ERIKA DOSS: “Writing My Religion: Journalistic Practices and Issues of Faith for Modern American Artists”