Wordstruck 2015

May 13-16, 2015

Lublin, Poland

About us


The conference’s local organizers are Dr. Hab. Jerzy Kutnik and Dr. Edyta Frelik, who are joined by Dr. Robert Westerfelhaus of the College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

Left to right: Robert Westerfelhaus, Jerzy Kutnik and Edyta Frelik


Jerzy Kutnik is Head of the Department of American Studies, one of two American Studies subdivisions within the Department of English (link) at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin. His books include: The Novel as Performance: The Fiction of Ronald Sukenick and Raymond Federman (Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1986); John Cage. Przypadek paradoksalny [John Cage: Chance and Paradox] (Lublin: Folium, 1993; Lublin: Wydawnictwo Akademickie WSSP, 2012); and Gra słów. Muzyka poezji Johna Cage’a [Word(s)play: The Music of John Cage’s Poetry] (Lublin: Wydawnictwo UMCS, 1997). In 2012 he was the instigator and organizer, with Lublin’s “Crossroads” Center for Creative Intercultural Initiatives, of a twelve-month festival celebrating the centenary of American composer, writer and visionary John Cage. His translation into Polish of Raymond Federman’s typographical novel Double or Nothing was published in 2010, the only such translation which fully reproduces the original typographical layout of the novel’s pages in another language.

Edyta Frelik received her M.A. degree at MCSU in 1995 and her Ph.D. degree in 2013. Her essay “Ad Reinhardt: Painter-as-Writer,” based on a chapter from her doctoral dissertation, entitled “Painter’s Word: Thomas Hart Benton, Marsden Hartley, and Ad Reinhardt as Writers,” won the 2013 Terra Foundation for American Art International Essay Prize. In November 2013, as part of the award, she was invited to present her essay at the Archives of American Art and the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C. It was published in the Fall 2014 issue of the Smithsonian journal American Art. Her essay “Reading Ad Reinhardt in Poland” appeared in the special Ad Reinhardt issue of the magazine The Brooklyn Rail in December 2013.

Robert Westerfelhaus received his M.A. from Ohio University in 1996 and his doctoral degree in 1999. His Ph.D. project, a semiotic examination of the Meso-American Marian cult of Our Lady of Guadalupe, earned him the Dissertation of the Year Award from the Religious Communication Association in 2000. He is a roster member of the Department of Communication at the College of Charleston, where he has taught since 2002. His current research focuses upon American popular culture, and he has published numerous journal articles, book chapters, and encyclopedia entries regarding comic books, film and television. He was a Fulbright visiting professor in MCSU’s Department of English in 2009-2010. Since his Fulbright year, he has been associated with Jerzy Kutnik and Edyta Frelik as an advisor, consultant, colleague and friend.